Hippie Mike’s Super Tour Finale

The Finale of the Vancouver, BC Super Tour wrapped up at The Plaza Skatepark. The Plaza was the perfect place for skaters from across the lower mainland to come out and collect some prizes.

Lots of sponsors came out to give support to the event and the skaters.

Watch The Video for more details.


Super Tour at Queensborough Skatepark

The Hippie Mike’s Super Tour came to the New Westminster skatepark in Queensborough park.

This was a really hot day! All the water was drank that day.

Some really good skateboarding went down with riders from all over the Lower Mainland coming to to compete, ride, and hang out with everyone.

You can read more about the contest here:


And you can watch the video recap below.


Sooke Skatepark and One Six Best Trick

We head out to Sooke, BC for an early 2015 skateboard contest. This showcased some great Vancouver Island skaters. Local Merrick Orr took First Place with a crazy drop in from the roof and a kickflip over a rarely skated hip.

On our way to Victoria, we stopped and let Andy Anderson loose on a street spot.

Then we went to One Six Skateshop for the Conspiracy Skateboard video premiere. After there was a hot Best Trick Contest.


White Rock Skatepark 2014

The Vancouver Bowl series made a stop at the White Rock Skatepark. Usually this stop on the 20 year long Bowl Series has the smallest turn out.

This year was different. With some great carpooling, a lot of skaters turned out. They made the drive from Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, and some came all the way from Squamish.

This bowl has a unique design. The flowing curves or Seylynn, Griffin, and Whistler bowl, are straigthened. This creates a fast capsule like bowl with mellow ditch at the top, two hips, a fun NOPING half pipe and a steep and deep bowl at the bottom.

Watch the video to see what this park is all about. Also check out Seb’s Air Runner at the end.


1st Song:

Artist: DAS RAD          Song: Heavy Flow

2nd Song: 

Artist: DAS RAD         Song: Vacuum

Please support these musicians by buying their music on Bandcamp.


White Rock Skatepark Adventure 2011

White Rock Skatepark was host to another stop on the 2011 Vancouver Bowl Series. The locals and the bowl series regulars competed in a relaxed atmosphere.

There was a couple of jams and then a Canadian Flyout Contest. Good times.

Musical Artist: Public Enemy Song: Welcome to the Terrordome.


Vans Roadblock 2011

Vans Shoes sponsored a contest between 4 skateshops in Vancouver, BC.

They shutdown Granville Street and had a contest where each shop brought its own obstacle. Every shop team would skate the obstacle for 10 minutes and the judges would award $1000.00 to the winning team on each obstacle.

Watch to see who brings the most money home!


Creature Skateboards Bowl Contest

Underworld Skateshop put on a Bowl contest in the summer of 2011. Creature Skateboards was the major sponsor.

Some great skateboarders ripped the park. Adam Hopkins and Riley Bowland battled all day to see who would take home the top spot.

Watch the video below to find out who won.


Griffin Skatepark 2011

In this episode we go to the Griffin skatepark in North Vancouver, BC. This is the second stop of the Vancouver Bowl Series.

This local bowl contest has had a long history. 17 years of contests at all of the major bowl style skateparks around BC.

The Boarding House skateshop (RIP) started this series. After closing its doors, the local skate community has picked up the cause. Local skaters have organized the contest every year since. No financial interest. No cool guy credit. No big sponsor paycheques. Just a strong love of skateboarding drives these contests.


Click here for a 360


Canada Day 2011 Seylynn Skatepark

Canada Day has always been a cause for celebration. Celebrate the birth of the nation of Canada.

What better way than getting together with a few hundred skaters and starting the Bowl Series 2011? This year was a beautiful day filled with skating, drinking, fireworks and some crashes.

The contest itself is loosely organized and judged on a scale of Rad. The big winners each year aren’t the Advanced or Sponsored guys. Its the Beginner category that walks away with armloads of gear to stoke them out and keep them interested. Always remember to support the generation behind you.

Thanks go to all this years sponsors: RDS apparel, Skull Skates, Vans Footwear, Sector Nine and many more that I can’t remember. Oh yeah “Auto Repairs R Wee” gave away shirts and decks. Wee, you’re awesome! Thanks for fixing my truck.


Micheal James aka Giver 5 tricks

We went out to White Rock to film the Bowl Series in the summer of 2010. We found a volunteer to do 5 tricks in 5 tries.

Michael James aka Giver has been skating the Bowl series for the last few years moving up from intermediate to advanced. In this 5 tricks, Michael tried a new twist. Ask other skaters to call your 5 tricks.

Watch the video to find out how he does.

Artist: Matt and Kim Song: Daylight