Beef Under The Chief 2014

This year’s Beef Under The Chief contest was a lot of fun.

Skaters came from Whistler, Vancouver, and Surrey to shred at the Squamish, BC skatepark. Andy Anderson, Merrick Orr, Chris McCallum, and Neil took the cash prizes from Plan 9 official.

Big Thanks to:
Stuntwood Skateshop
VANS Shoes

Extra Big Thanks to Plan 9 for the prize money.

EXTRA Big Thanks to Jason Bothe for rocking the mic all day and keeping the stoke for hours!


Beef Under The Chief 2013

This year’s Beef Under The Chief contest was insane. Most of the usual suspects showed. Andy Anderson, Don Bushman, Eve Feaver, Hippie Mike, and Micheal James.

But this year there was some added skaters, James Clarke, Brad Muscat and Calum (from Scotland).

The energy was high and so was James Clarke as he flew the biggest airs of the day. Watch the video to see if he takes first place.

Sponsors of the Contest were: Vans Shoes, Stuntwood Skateshop and Sector 9


Artist: Choking Victim
Song: Crack Rock Steady

Artist: Common Rider
Song: Long Shot

Artist: Common Rider
Song: One Ton


5 tricks at Squamish Skatepark

PODCAST 50. Rolling Bones Podcast started in 2006. I had just had my second knee surgery and wanted to have something to keep me in Skateboarding. The doctor told me that there wasn’t much cartilage left in my knee, so to avoid a total Bone on Bone situation, I would have to take it easier. So I picked up a camera.

I have been podcasting for 7 years now. What a lot of fun it has been. Let me know if you have been enjoying the videos.

This episode:

While skating the Squamish contest this August, Micheal James stepped up to do another, 5 tricks in 5 tries.

He had done one back in episode 32. He asked the skaters at the White Rock bowl stop of the Bowl series, to select his tricks. It didn’t work out well.

This was his chance at Redemption. Round 2 Watch the video to see how he does.


Beef Under The Chief 2012

Squamish BC, hosted a skateboard contest sponsored by Stuntwood Skateshop, Sector Nine, and Vans Shoes.

The format was two runs each and a final jam. All the skaters put themselves on the line with huge airs and tech tricks. Adam Hopkins, Eve, Donald Bushman, and Andy Anderson all put in epic runs. The contest was followed up by a Best Trick on the Vert wall and over the gap.

Music was provided by Reverter. The first song was Anodyne and the second was Slinty Dance.



Beef Under The Chief 2010

The Beef Under The Chief contest has been going on for a couple years now. Each year has a bigger turn out than the last. This years skating definitely stepped up. This was a two run format with the top five getting a 15 minute jam final. The bowl jam got hectic and the skaters stepped up the action.

We left the music and commentary on the audio because it makes you feel like you were there. It may get a little hard to listen too but the feeling is there. Looking forward to 2011.


Beef Under the Chief 2009

This year’s Beef Under the Chief 2009 contest was sponsored by StuntwoodSector 9 and Circa Combat Division.

The Women’s contest went off. There was a record number of competitors.

The Men’s advanced included Mike Pragnell, Steve Denham, Nate Lacoste, Mike Connolly, Adam Hopkins, Adam Tagg, Giver, and many more.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this great adventure.


Beef Under the Chief

On a overcast day in August, Stuntwood, Sector 9 and Circa Combat Division held a contest called Beef Under The Chief.

The contest was held in two parts. The first was a two run – first wall rebate bowl contest. There were two divisions and lots of happy skaters.

The second part was Best Trick held on both the Gap and Handrails. Skaters were flinging themselves across the gap and down the metal rail.

Watch the video for details.