The Process

Skull Skates, Vans, Protec, and the Cloverdale Rodeo came together for The Process.

This was a throw back jam to celebrate older styles of skateboarding that have gone by the wayside.

Skaters came from all over the Vancouver BC mainland to jump, grind, and fly.

First up is the High Jump Contest. Followed by a slappy curb jam, and ending off with the Launch Ramp Session.

Thanks to Skull Skates for putting together a great event. MC Renee Renee and DJ Layback did a great job of keeping the event flowing.


Halloween at Leeside skatepark

Skull Skates sponsored a Halloween event at Leeside Skatepark.

The event was the first time that this many skaters shredded the skater built and Lee Matasi inspired skatepark. It included Marc Tison and Barry Walsh from Quebec. Cory Klim, Gary Harris and Jeff Logan were the locals to watch tear this rough skate park up.

The music for this episode was provided by East Side Magic.