Vancouver Bowl Series

This was a great day of skateboarding. The skater’s were going off. Skull Skates provided free hot dogs for the crowd. The yearly event went of great. Canada Day has traditionally been the start of the bowl series.

Every summer on July 1st – Canada Day, the locals hold a contest that starts off the summer bowl series. This series is very grassroots and volunteer organized. A big thanks to all the volunteers. I will see you next year.


Go Skateboarding Day

In this short episode of Rolling Bones Podcast we check out the Go skateboarding day event at Strathcona Skatepark.

We hope you had a great Go Skateboarding Day and we’ll see you next year!


Eastside Pride

In the episode we go to China Creek and skate one of the oldest skateparks in North America.

It has gone through some changes and needs a resurface. The locals love it and have fought city hall many times to keep their skatepark.

Then We go to Matt Blouin’s and skate the fridge ramp. Matt Fazackerley goes for 5 tricks in 5 tries on it.


The Seylynn Story

We preview a DVD called The Seylynn Story. This was created by George Faulkner to show the history of the oldest skatepark in Canada, possibly North America. It has been used by every generation of skateboarder since the 70s.

Then we have a quick check out on the rebuilt North Burnaby – Confederation Skatepark. They jackhammered out the old over vert crazy bowl and poured something everyone can enjoy.


The Sweatshop

The Sweat shop is a small indoor skatepark in East Vancouver. Once a month they are host to Grilled Cheese, 40’s and Game Of Skate.

This is a fun contest with a simple aim – have fun. Brendan is a great host. He handed out grilled cheese to everybody. The 40s were only handed out to winners of  SKATE.

Check it out.


Park Days – Richmond

In this episode George and Gordon Faulkner take us to Richmond Skatepark. This outdoor park has nice obstacles and lights at night. It is also the local park of Chris Haslam.

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Indoor Skateparks

During this episode of Rolling Bones we see two indoor skateparks and Nathan Popik attempts 5 tricks in 5 tries.

The first is Avenue Skatepark. It is a nice park with a great bowl. The second is located inside West Edmonton Mall.

West 49 opened a shop inside of WEM.

Edmonton needs as many parks as it can get. Edmonton=Long Winter.


LBC Indoor Skatepark

The LBC is a skatepark in North Vancouver, BC. Rolling Bones checks it out. Rocky Anderson is the guy behind the only indoor skatepark in the Vancouver area.


Antisocial skateshop recently added a miniramp to the shop. The first session was amazing. For more background on the reason behind the ramp check out


Greg Brewer steps up and knocks out 5 tricks in 5 tries.



In this webisode of Rolling Bones we go to the AntiSlam competition at Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver Canada. It was a beautiful day filled with great skateboarding.

Check out the Last Man Standing Competition at the end.

It gets a little rough.