Abbotsford Skate Contest 2016

Replay Board shop held a contest in the new Abbotsford Bowl. This bowl is super fast and the vert pocket is going to breed a new bunch of vert skaters out of the lower mainland.

The contest started around noon and lasted 3 hours. With the beginners going first and the Bowl Crushers going last.

Andy Anderson and Matt Foster competed with Kyler Hale for the top spots.

Check the video to see who placed first!


JAKS Contest 2015

The second Saturday in September is reserved for the JAKS Contest at China Creek Skatepark.

Enjoy this video recap of Vancouver skaters ripping one of the oldest skateparks in North America.


Bowl Series at the Griffin Bowl 2013

This is the second stop of the 19th annual Vancouver Bowl Series. It was at Griffin Bowl in North Vancouver, BC. The second stop is one of the funnest and the bowl is great for a contest.

Griffin Bowl is a short snake run into a bowl with some vert spots in the deep end. Still the locals are able to launch huge airs out and great tech tricks in the ditch.

Watch as Danny Hagge takes first place and destroys the park. Other stand outs are Andy Anderson, Clinton, Brad Muscat, Don Bushman, Rob Ricaby, and Adam Richter.

Big thanks to Mike Strato, and Cuz Perry for playing host to a great day in the sun!


Bowl Series 2012 Kickoff

The North Vancouver bowl Seylynn was host to the start of the 2012 Bowl Series. This year we had skaters from everywhere around Vancouver; East Van, Surrey, Richmond, White Rock and North Vancouver.

The volunteers have been keeping this alive for many years since the demise of The Boarding House. Originally conceived by John Ramondo, owner of the boarding house, the bowl series has kept on going. It celebrates skating’s history and allows today’s skaters to show the old bowls some love.

Enjoy the video.

Music by Reverter, Song, Future You.

Thanks to Mike Moore for helping with this edit.


Griffin Skatepark 2011

In this episode we go to the Griffin skatepark in North Vancouver, BC. This is the second stop of the Vancouver Bowl Series.

This local bowl contest has had a long history. 17 years of contests at all of the major bowl style skateparks around BC.

The Boarding House skateshop (RIP) started this series. After closing its doors, the local skate community has picked up the cause. Local skaters have organized the contest every year since. No financial interest. No cool guy credit. No big sponsor paycheques. Just a strong love of skateboarding drives these contests.


Click here for a 360


Canada Day 2011 Seylynn Skatepark

Canada Day has always been a cause for celebration. Celebrate the birth of the nation of Canada.

What better way than getting together with a few hundred skaters and starting the Bowl Series 2011? This year was a beautiful day filled with skating, drinking, fireworks and some crashes.

The contest itself is loosely organized and judged on a scale of Rad. The big winners each year aren’t the Advanced or Sponsored guys. Its the Beginner category that walks away with armloads of gear to stoke them out and keep them interested. Always remember to support the generation behind you.

Thanks go to all this years sponsors: RDS apparel, Skull Skates, Vans Footwear, Sector Nine and many more that I can’t remember. Oh yeah “Auto Repairs R Wee” gave away shirts and decks. Wee, you’re awesome! Thanks for fixing my truck.


Afternoon at the Lonsdale Skatepark

In this episode we spend an afternoon in the Londsdale Skatepark in North Vancouver, BC.

Justin Allain accepts the challenge for 5 tricks in 5 tries. This is where a skater calls 5 tricks and has 5 attempts at each.

After Danny Alcorn joins Justin on a handrail session. Gilbert shut the park down with a giant leap.


Artist: Meanest Man Contest

Song: Some People


RDS Block Party

RDS Skate Supply held a Block Party/Contest out in front of the skateshop.

This was a low key contest that only had 3 obstacles. Some great skating went down on a ledge, flat bar and a wedge ramp.

Big thanks to RDS, Coors Light, Nixon, and DC.

The music in this episode is done by  East Side Magic.


Lonsdale Contest

Last summer The Boardroom held a contest at the Lonsdale Skatepark. It went of without a hitch. The whole community was out with bands playing and skaters skating. I am looking forward to next year’s contest.

Thanks to The Boardroom and Fallen Footwear for sponsoring the event.