Good Bye New West, Hello Mission Skatepark

Hippie Mike was host to a farewell jam at the New Westminster skatepark. Located half an hour from Vancouver, this park has been around for a long time.

When it was first constructed, there were many opinions about the design and quality of the park. There are many problems with the park.

Coping that is buried on the flat top of the bowl.

Cracking concrete and the foundation underneath has fell away a number of times.

Even with these problems, skaters made the most of it. New West had its park and would skate it their way.

Then we go to one of the newest skateparks in BC. Mission skatepark held another Youth week skateboard contest that was also hosted by Hippie Mike.

This guy holds it down for skateboarding events in the Vancouver area.

Watch the video and see how each event unfolded.


White Rock Skatepark 2014

The Vancouver Bowl series made a stop at the White Rock Skatepark. Usually this stop on the 20 year long Bowl Series has the smallest turn out.

This year was different. With some great carpooling, a lot of skaters turned out. They made the drive from Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, and some came all the way from Squamish.

This bowl has a unique design. The flowing curves or Seylynn, Griffin, and Whistler bowl, are straigthened. This creates a fast capsule like bowl with mellow ditch at the top, two hips, a fun NOPING half pipe and a steep and deep bowl at the bottom.

Watch the video to see what this park is all about. Also check out Seb’s Air Runner at the end.


1st Song:

Artist: DAS RAD          Song: Heavy Flow

2nd Song: 

Artist: DAS RAD         Song: Vacuum

Please support these musicians by buying their music on Bandcamp.


Beef Under The Chief 2010

The Beef Under The Chief contest has been going on for a couple years now. Each year has a bigger turn out than the last. This years skating definitely stepped up. This was a two run format with the top five getting a 15 minute jam final. The bowl jam got hectic and the skaters stepped up the action.

We left the music and commentary on the audio because it makes you feel like you were there. It may get a little hard to listen too but the feeling is there. Looking forward to 2011.


White Rock Bowl Contest 2010

We went out to White Rock to film the Bowl Series in the summer of 2010.

Some great skateboarding went down that day. It was super hot but that didn’t stop the skaters.

After a few quick heats the finals really blew minds.

Watch the podcast and as always – email.

1st song

Artist: The Kingpins Song: Party in JA

2nd song

Artist: Common Rider Song: Time Won’t Take Away


Main Street Mini Ramp by Antisocial Skateshop

Antisocial skateshop put a ramp on Main Street Vancouver, AGAIN! Some extra fun was had by the local Skate Hockey enthusiasts.

Music in this episode was provided by Slush and the song was Seeing Stars


Beef Under the Chief 2009

This year’s Beef Under the Chief 2009 contest was sponsored by StuntwoodSector 9 and Circa Combat Division.

The Women’s contest went off. There was a record number of competitors.

The Men’s advanced included Mike Pragnell, Steve Denham, Nate Lacoste, Mike Connolly, Adam Hopkins, Adam Tagg, Giver, and many more.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this great adventure.


Whistler Bowl Series 2008

In this episode we catch the crowning of the King of The Bowl at Whistler, BC. This was a great session with beginner, women, intermediate, and advanced heats.

Check the video out for proof. Hit me up with an email if you like the podcast at


Beef Under The Chief

The Second Annual Beef Under The Chief skateboard contest was sponsored by Stuntwood SkateshopCirca Combat DivisionSector 9 Longboards and many others. Skaters came from Vancouver and Whistler to compete. The contest format was 2 qualifying runs, 2 final runs, followed by a 5 minute jam. The first wall rebate was in effect and the crowd called for a few.

It was a great time. The MC, Steve Lange, did a good job of organizing a skateboard contest. Which can be like herding cats.


Antisocial Ramp On Main Street

Antisocial Skate shop put a mini ramp in the middle of Main Street in Vancouver. It was part of a  Main Street Business Association Block Party. A ton of skaters showed up to shred in the sun.

Thanks to Seb and Michelle for making the Block Party that much better.


Crowning the King

We finished of the summer’s bowl series with a final contest in Whistler BC. The contest was broken up with rain delays but the competitors continued to rip up the course.

Whistler is a great bowl with some fun lines. Everyone had a great time on a rainy Sunday in August.

Congratulations to Dave 57 for the overall title of King Of the Bowls. See you next year on July 1st, 2008 for the start of the bowl series.