BLVD Skateshop Kensington Skatepark Contest 2015

BLVD Skateshop put on its annual Kensington Skatepark contest in the late summer of 2015.

The weather held out through the Beginners, Ladies, Intermediates, and then poured down after the first run of the Advanced.

Check the video to see who skated and what they got in a short time.

Big Thanks to Auto Repairs R Wee for cooking hotdogs and giving out chips to all attending!


Kensington Contest 2014

BLVD Skateshop put on a great event at the Kensington Skatepark. With help from Powell Peralta, Happy Hour Shades, Lakai Footwear, Bones Wheels, 4 Star Clothing, Independent Trucks, and 187 Pads.

The contest was held on a HOT summer day in East Vancouver, BC. The riders did their best to tear up this Backyard Pool style skatepark in the heart of Vancouver.

Rippers included; Adam Hopkins, Howard, Jeff Muirhead, Sheldon Barr, Wee Wong, Rylee Wong, Rosie, Mells Bells, and a bunch of beginners learning how to tear up a concrete bowl.

Check the video for highlights.


Summer Clip Show 2013 Part 2

The summer of 2013 has been filled with events. It is only June and we have had some great times on board.

Watch the video to catch up on some random Skateboarding. Hippie Mike from Protest Skateboards and Matt Fazackerley show up and skate like they skate. From the heart.


BLVD Kensington Skatepark Contest 2011

BLVD Skateshop put on a contest during the summer of 2011. It happened at the Kensington Skatepark in Vancouver, BC. Vans shoes also threw in some money and shoes as additional prizes.

The local heavy hitters came out to compete for cash and prizes. Adam Hopkins, Colin Nogue, Rob Boyce and Steve Denham were just a few of the skaters that put their ass on line line in the backyard pool style bowl.

Watch the video below to see who came out on top and who paid in blood.