Bowl Series at the Griffin Bowl 2013

This is the second stop of the 19th annual Vancouver Bowl Series. It was at Griffin Bowl in North Vancouver, BC. The second stop is one of the funnest and the bowl is great for a contest.

Griffin Bowl is a short snake run into a bowl with some vert spots in the deep end. Still the locals are able to launch huge airs out and great tech tricks in the ditch.

Watch as Danny Hagge takes first place and destroys the park. Other stand outs are Andy Anderson, Clinton, Brad Muscat, Don Bushman, Rob Ricaby, and Adam Richter.

Big thanks to Mike Strato, and Cuz Perry for playing host to a great day in the sun!


Griffin Skatepark Bowl Series Contest 2012

The Griffin Skatepark hosted a stop of the 2012 Vancouver bowl series. It was postponed twice because of rainy days in North Vancouver. This is what we have to live with when we are skating a skatepark that sits in a rain forest.

The contest went off great. There was a good turn out and Andy Anderson even showed up after taking a bus all the way from White Rock, BC. Adam Hopkins ruled the day with huge airs and tech tricks. Danny Hagge was convinced to skate after first complaining that his back was hurting from hauling timber for his company Vancouver Urban Timberworks.

There is no music in this episode so the viewer can get a feel for the event. The sounds of the skatepark and Cuz on the mike. Cuz did a great job of announcing this year’s contest.



White Rock Skatepark Adventure 2011

White Rock Skatepark was host to another stop on the 2011 Vancouver Bowl Series. The locals and the bowl series regulars competed in a relaxed atmosphere.

There was a couple of jams and then a Canadian Flyout Contest. Good times.

Musical Artist: Public Enemy Song: Welcome to the Terrordome.


Griffin Skatepark 2011

In this episode we go to the Griffin skatepark in North Vancouver, BC. This is the second stop of the Vancouver Bowl Series.

This local bowl contest has had a long history. 17 years of contests at all of the major bowl style skateparks around BC.

The Boarding House skateshop (RIP) started this series. After closing its doors, the local skate community has picked up the cause. Local skaters have organized the contest every year since. No financial interest. No cool guy credit. No big sponsor paycheques. Just a strong love of skateboarding drives these contests.


Click here for a 360


Whistler Bowl Series 2008

In this episode we catch the crowning of the King of The Bowl at Whistler, BC. This was a great session with beginner, women, intermediate, and advanced heats.

Check the video out for proof. Hit me up with an email if you like the podcast at


Beef Under The Chief

The Second Annual Beef Under The Chief skateboard contest was sponsored by Stuntwood SkateshopCirca Combat DivisionSector 9 Longboards and many others. Skaters came from Vancouver and Whistler to compete. The contest format was 2 qualifying runs, 2 final runs, followed by a 5 minute jam. The first wall rebate was in effect and the crowd called for a few.

It was a great time. The MC, Steve Lange, did a good job of organizing a skateboard contest. Which can be like herding cats.


JAKS Skateboard Competition

We have a boozy good time in this episode of Rolling Bones Podcast. The Jaks skateboard competition celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year. Thats a long time for a bunch of punks to have an event ‘just happen’.

Although no planning goes into the event alot of sponsorship does – Skull SkatesRDSCirca, Ink Bomb Tattoo, Antisocial and Meridian Distribution.


Crowning the King

We finished of the summer’s bowl series with a final contest in Whistler BC. The contest was broken up with rain delays but the competitors continued to rip up the course.

Whistler is a great bowl with some fun lines. Everyone had a great time on a rainy Sunday in August.

Congratulations to Dave 57 for the overall title of King Of the Bowls. See you next year on July 1st, 2008 for the start of the bowl series.


Beef Under the Chief

On a overcast day in August, Stuntwood, Sector 9 and Circa Combat Division held a contest called Beef Under The Chief.

The contest was held in two parts. The first was a two run – first wall rebate bowl contest. There were two divisions and lots of happy skaters.

The second part was Best Trick held on both the Gap and Handrails. Skaters were flinging themselves across the gap and down the metal rail.

Watch the video for details.


Vancouver Bowl Series

This was a great day of skateboarding. The skater’s were going off. Skull Skates provided free hot dogs for the crowd. The yearly event went of great. Canada Day has traditionally been the start of the bowl series.

Every summer on July 1st – Canada Day, the locals hold a contest that starts off the summer bowl series. This series is very grassroots and volunteer organized. A big thanks to all the volunteers. I will see you next year.