Battle At Hastings 2013

Late last summer BLVD skateshop put on a huge contest at the Hastings Skatepark. The prize pool was big and the skaters came out in droves.

There were competitors from Washington, Oregon, California, and BC.

Watch the video to catch the highlights from last year.


Hastings Booze Bash 2013

On July 19th, 2013. A lot of skaters got drunk.

Sheldon Barr put together the Hastings Booze Bash. Lots of companies provided prizes and beer was flowing!

Check out the action in this short video. Also forgive the shaky camera work, there was alcohol involved!


Artist: The Tubuloids

Song 1: Tequila

Song 2: Hastings Beach

Song 3: Walk Don’t Run


Vans Roadblock 2013

This was the 4th year of the Vans Roadblock. Granville street in Vancouver, is shut down to traffic and the skaters take over.

Four shops bring obstacles to skate. This year it was Coastal Riders, Underworld, BLVD skateshop, and Antisocial. Then each shop’s team of skaters get to skate the obstacle for 10 minutes. The winning team is awarded $1000.00 per obstacle.

It was an intense day in the sun. Thanks to Vans for putting up the money for each obstacle.

Watch the footage below to see who takes the big cheques.


Bowl Series at the Griffin Bowl 2013

This is the second stop of the 19th annual Vancouver Bowl Series. It was at Griffin Bowl in North Vancouver, BC. The second stop is one of the funnest and the bowl is great for a contest.

Griffin Bowl is a short snake run into a bowl with some vert spots in the deep end. Still the locals are able to launch huge airs out and great tech tricks in the ditch.

Watch as Danny Hagge takes first place and destroys the park. Other stand outs are Andy Anderson, Clinton, Brad Muscat, Don Bushman, Rob Ricaby, and Adam Richter.

Big thanks to Mike Strato, and Cuz Perry for playing host to a great day in the sun!


King Of The Bowls 2012

Whistler was host to the crowning of The King Of The Bowls.

At the last stop of the 18th Annual Bowl Series, the King was crowned. There was one winner of all three previous contests. Can Adam Hopkins go Four for Four? Could he be the second skater to ever win all of the contests in the Bowls series?

Seylynn, Griffin, White Rock, and Whistler. Four stops and Adam has already won three. Watch the video to find out if he takes it all.

No Music this episode. Both Strato and Hippie Mike did such a good job on the mic, we wanted to share the experience with you.



Creature Skateboards Bowl Contest

Underworld Skateshop put on a Bowl contest in the summer of 2011. Creature Skateboards was the major sponsor.

Some great skateboarders ripped the park. Adam Hopkins and Riley Bowland battled all day to see who would take home the top spot.

Watch the video below to find out who won.