RDS Block Party

RDS Skate Supply held a Block Party/Contest out in front of the skateshop.

This was a low key contest that only had 3 obstacles. Some great skating went down on a ledge, flat bar and a wedge ramp.

Big thanks to RDS, Coors Light, Nixon, and DC.

The music in this episode is done by  East Side Magic.


China Creek JAKS contest

Every Saturday after the Labour Day weekend, the Jaks Skate team host a great skate jam at the China Creek skatepark in Vancouver, Canada. This was a really fun day of skating and celebrating. This may explain why the video is a little shaky.

The music was provided by Bison and the song was The Curse.

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Whistler Bowl Series 2008

In this episode we catch the crowning of the King of The Bowl at Whistler, BC. This was a great session with beginner, women, intermediate, and advanced heats.

Check the video out for proof. Hit me up with an email if you like the podcast at info@rollingbonespodcast.com.


Beef Under The Chief

The Second Annual Beef Under The Chief skateboard contest was sponsored by Stuntwood SkateshopCirca Combat DivisionSector 9 Longboards and many others. Skaters came from Vancouver and Whistler to compete. The contest format was 2 qualifying runs, 2 final runs, followed by a 5 minute jam. The first wall rebate was in effect and the crowd called for a few.

It was a great time. The MC, Steve Lange, did a good job of organizing a skateboard contest. Which can be like herding cats.


Lonsdale Contest

Last summer The Boardroom held a contest at the Lonsdale Skatepark. It went of without a hitch. The whole community was out with bands playing and skaters skating. I am looking forward to next year’s contest.

Thanks to The Boardroom and Fallen Footwear for sponsoring the event.


Port Coquitlam Contest

S&J Sales of Vancouver, held a contest in the Port Coquitlam Skatepark. The beginners, intermediates, and advanced sessions were really good. We cover the intermediate and advanced contest and the two best trick contests. Some good skating went down.

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JAKS Skateboard Competition

We have a boozy good time in this episode of Rolling Bones Podcast. The Jaks skateboard competition celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year. Thats a long time for a bunch of punks to have an event ‘just happen’.

Although no planning goes into the event alot of sponsorship does – Skull SkatesRDSCirca, Ink Bomb Tattoo, Antisocial and Meridian Distribution.


Beef Under the Chief

On a overcast day in August, Stuntwood, Sector 9 and Circa Combat Division held a contest called Beef Under The Chief.

The contest was held in two parts. The first was a two run – first wall rebate bowl contest. There were two divisions and lots of happy skaters.

The second part was Best Trick held on both the Gap and Handrails. Skaters were flinging themselves across the gap and down the metal rail.

Watch the video for details.


Vancouver Bowl Series

This was a great day of skateboarding. The skater’s were going off. Skull Skates provided free hot dogs for the crowd. The yearly event went of great. Canada Day has traditionally been the start of the bowl series.

Every summer on July 1st – Canada Day, the locals hold a contest that starts off the summer bowl series. This series is very grassroots and volunteer organized. A big thanks to all the volunteers. I will see you next year.


The Sweatshop

The Sweat shop is a small indoor skatepark in East Vancouver. Once a month they are host to Grilled Cheese, 40’s and Game Of Skate.

This is a fun contest with a simple aim – have fun. Brendan is a great host. He handed out grilled cheese to everybody. The 40s were only handed out to winners of  SKATE.

Check it out.