Pentown Throwdown and JAKS Contest

Peachfest happens every year in Penticton, BC. This year the local skateshops got together and arranged for a contest series.

The Pentown Throwdown happened in early August of 2016. Local skaters were joined by Conlan Killeen, Dustin Locke, and Mikey Ray from Vancouver, BC.

Then we go to East Vancouver, BC to catch a glimpse of the JAKS Skateboard contest that happens the second weekend in September. Good Times!


JAKS Contest 2015

The second Saturday in September is reserved for the JAKS Contest at China Creek Skatepark.

Enjoy this video recap of Vancouver skaters ripping one of the oldest skateparks in North America.


JAKS Skate Team competition 20

The JAKS skate team has a long history in Vancouver, BC. A lot of that history is at China Creek Skatepark. Along time ago, they started holding a contest the first Saturday after the September long weekend.

This year Hippie Mike introduces us to the competition and demonstrates a proper ‘Jitterbug’ in the tub. At the end Dan from Maniac Skateboards tells us the ‘other’ acronym for SNFU.

Here is a video of the JAKS skate comp from 2012.


Artist: Controlled Bleeding

Song: Words (of the dying)


Summer Sessions 2012

During the summer, Rolling Bones picked up a little GoPro camera. Over the summer we caught some clips from The China Creek Skatepark.

Enjoy this summer of 2012 clip show. Some good skateboarding and some not so good skateboarding.


Artist: Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!

Song: Heavy Metal


JAKS Skateboard Competition

We have a boozy good time in this episode of Rolling Bones Podcast. The Jaks skateboard competition celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year. Thats a long time for a bunch of punks to have an event ‘just happen’.

Although no planning goes into the event alot of sponsorship does – Skull SkatesRDSCirca, Ink Bomb Tattoo, Antisocial and Meridian Distribution.


Eastside Pride

In the episode we go to China Creek and skate one of the oldest skateparks in North America.

It has gone through some changes and needs a resurface. The locals love it and have fought city hall many times to keep their skatepark.

Then We go to Matt Blouin’s and skate the fridge ramp. Matt Fazackerley goes for 5 tricks in 5 tries on it.