BLVD Skateshop Kensington Skatepark Contest 2015

BLVD Skateshop put on its annual Kensington Skatepark contest in the late summer of 2015.

The weather held out through the Beginners, Ladies, Intermediates, and then poured down after the first run of the Advanced.

Check the video to see who skated and what they got in a short time.

Big Thanks to Auto Repairs R Wee for cooking hotdogs and giving out chips to all attending!


Kensington Contest 2014

BLVD Skateshop put on a great event at the Kensington Skatepark. With help from Powell Peralta, Happy Hour Shades, Lakai Footwear, Bones Wheels, 4 Star Clothing, Independent Trucks, and 187 Pads.

The contest was held on a HOT summer day in East Vancouver, BC. The riders did their best to tear up this Backyard Pool style skatepark in the heart of Vancouver.

Rippers included; Adam Hopkins, Howard, Jeff Muirhead, Sheldon Barr, Wee Wong, Rylee Wong, Rosie, Mells Bells, and a bunch of beginners learning how to tear up a concrete bowl.

Check the video for highlights.


Battle At Hastings 2013

Late last summer BLVD skateshop put on a huge contest at the Hastings Skatepark. The prize pool was big and the skaters came out in droves.

There were competitors from Washington, Oregon, California, and BC.

Watch the video to catch the highlights from last year.


Vans Roadblock 2013

This was the 4th year of the Vans Roadblock. Granville street in Vancouver, is shut down to traffic and the skaters take over.

Four shops bring obstacles to skate. This year it was Coastal Riders, Underworld, BLVD skateshop, and Antisocial. Then each shop’s team of skaters get to skate the obstacle for 10 minutes. The winning team is awarded $1000.00 per obstacle.

It was an intense day in the sun. Thanks to Vans for putting up the money for each obstacle.

Watch the footage below to see who takes the big cheques.


Battle At Hastings 2012

BLVD Skateshop and Vans Shoes put on a contest at the Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver, BC. The skaters came from all over to compete for $10,000 in prizes.

The skating started out with a best trick on The REAL skateboards extension. Then the first of two contest runs were followed by at finalists jam.

Watch the video to see who won. Big thanks to Kevin and Strato for the hard work putting this contest on.



Battle At Hastings 2011

BLVD Skateshop held a contest in late August of 2011. The Battle brought out a ton of great skaters from around the lower mainland.

Chocolate skateboards put up money for the Best Trick on the Chocolate box.

The East Vancouver skatepark was destroyed by the likes of Colin Nogue, Riley Boland, Adam Hopkins, Cameo Wilson, and Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce.

There was alot of excitement as the guys competed for cash and prizes.

Check the video for details.


Vans Roadblock 2011

Vans Shoes sponsored a contest between 4 skateshops in Vancouver, BC.

They shutdown Granville Street and had a contest where each shop brought its own obstacle. Every shop team would skate the obstacle for 10 minutes and the judges would award $1000.00 to the winning team on each obstacle.

Watch to see who brings the most money home!