Protest Skateboards Contest 2012

In late September 2012, Protest skateboards put on a backyard skateboard contest.

The first part was an obstacle contest on a Fridge. This was incredibly hard to skate. The few tricks that were landed were super hard to do. The winner was a feeble stall on the top of the fridge.

Then the Mini Ramp Jam started. The little ramp had an interesting bend in the middle. Don’t know what I mean, watch the video.


Song: Supernaut

Artist: 1000 Homo DJs


Battle At Hastings 2012

BLVD Skateshop and Vans Shoes put on a contest at the Hastings Skatepark in Vancouver, BC. The skaters came from all over to compete for $10,000 in prizes.

The skating started out with a best trick on The REAL skateboards extension. Then the first of two contest runs were followed by at finalists jam.

Watch the video to see who won. Big thanks to Kevin and Strato for the hard work putting this contest on.



King Of The Bowls 2012

Whistler was host to the crowning of The King Of The Bowls.

At the last stop of the 18th Annual Bowl Series, the King was crowned. There was one winner of all three previous contests. Can Adam Hopkins go Four for Four? Could he be the second skater to ever win all of the contests in the Bowls series?

Seylynn, Griffin, White Rock, and Whistler. Four stops and Adam has already won three. Watch the video to find out if he takes it all.

No Music this episode. Both Strato and Hippie Mike did such a good job on the mic, we wanted to share the experience with you.



Beef Under The Chief 2012

Squamish BC, hosted a skateboard contest sponsored by Stuntwood Skateshop, Sector Nine, and Vans Shoes.

The format was two runs each and a final jam. All the skaters put themselves on the line with huge airs and tech tricks. Adam Hopkins, Eve, Donald Bushman, and Andy Anderson all put in epic runs. The contest was followed up by a Best Trick on the Vert wall and over the gap.

Music was provided by Reverter. The first song was Anodyne and the second was Slinty Dance.



Griffin Skatepark Bowl Series Contest 2012

The Griffin Skatepark hosted a stop of the 2012 Vancouver bowl series. It was postponed twice because of rainy days in North Vancouver. This is what we have to live with when we are skating a skatepark that sits in a rain forest.

The contest went off great. There was a good turn out and Andy Anderson even showed up after taking a bus all the way from White Rock, BC. Adam Hopkins ruled the day with huge airs and tech tricks. Danny Hagge was convinced to skate after first complaining that his back was hurting from hauling timber for his company Vancouver Urban Timberworks.

There is no music in this episode so the viewer can get a feel for the event. The sounds of the skatepark and Cuz on the mike. Cuz did a great job of announcing this year’s contest.



White Rock Bowl Contest 2012

In August of 2012, White Rock, BC was host to a stop on the Vancouver Bowl series. It was a scorching hot day.

The distance from Vancouver makes this stop the smallest turn out every year. Big thanks to Micheal James for taking the mic and making this event happen. The skaters that do show are dedicated.


Artist: Bison

Song: Earthbound


Bowl Series 2012 Kickoff

The North Vancouver bowl Seylynn was host to the start of the 2012 Bowl Series. This year we had skaters from everywhere around Vancouver; East Van, Surrey, Richmond, White Rock and North Vancouver.

The volunteers have been keeping this alive for many years since the demise of The Boarding House. Originally conceived by John Ramondo, owner of the boarding house, the bowl series has kept on going. It celebrates skating’s history and allows today’s skaters to show the old bowls some love.

Enjoy the video.

Music by Reverter, Song, Future You.

Thanks to Mike Moore for helping with this edit.


World Roundup Freestyle Contest 2012

In the spring of 2012, Powell skateboards, Rockstar energy drink, Concrete Wave, Concrete Skateboarding, and the Skateboarder’s Journal sponsored the biggest purse in recent freestyle skateboarding history. The event took place during the Cloverdale rodeo in Cloverdale, BC.

Some of the Best freestyle skaters flew from around the world to compete in a weekend long contest.

This is the highlights of the best trick and a run from the finalists.

Music provided by Reverter, song Tranny Song.


Griffin Skatepark 2011

In this episode we go to the Griffin skatepark in North Vancouver, BC. This is the second stop of the Vancouver Bowl Series.

This local bowl contest has had a long history. 17 years of contests at all of the major bowl style skateparks around BC.

The Boarding House skateshop (RIP) started this series. After closing its doors, the local skate community has picked up the cause. Local skaters have organized the contest every year since. No financial interest. No cool guy credit. No big sponsor paycheques. Just a strong love of skateboarding drives these contests.


Click here for a 360


White Rock Bowl Contest 2010

We went out to White Rock to film the Bowl Series in the summer of 2010.

Some great skateboarding went down that day. It was super hot but that didn’t stop the skaters.

After a few quick heats the finals really blew minds.

Watch the podcast and as always – email.

1st song

Artist: The Kingpins Song: Party in JA

2nd song

Artist: Common Rider Song: Time Won’t Take Away