Tristan Henry Goes 4 for 5 on 5 Tricks in 5 Tries

Tristan Henry stepped up to the plate last year and pulled a 5 tricks in 5 tries at Leeside Skatepark.

This place is no joke. Complete DIY and rough as nails. Getting any trick is a success. Tristan gets 4 out of 5 tricks in the latest episode of Rolling Bones Podcast.


5 tricks in 5 tries by Danny Empe and Jesse Holland

Danny Empe and Jesse Holland stepped up and knocked out 5 tricks in 5 tries. The idea behind it is simple. The skater calls 5 tricks that they are going to do. Then they have 5 tries at each trick to show how good they have the trick.

Danny Empe starts us out at the Lonsdale Skatepark. He throws down some serious switch magic.

Then Jesse Holland lets 5 tricks out of his bag at the One Love Skateshop’s mini ramp jam during Pitt Meadows Days.


5 Tricks with Hippie Mike

This spring Hippie Mike from Protest Skateboards took on the 5 tricks in 5 tries challenge.

We went to Tsawwassen Skatepark to warm up and throw down his 5 tricks in 5 tries. This  gem of a skatepark was the only place were it was sunny and dry.

Watch as Mike steps up to do 5 tricks in 5 tries.



5 tricks at Squamish Skatepark

PODCAST 50. Rolling Bones Podcast started in 2006. I had just had my second knee surgery and wanted to have something to keep me in Skateboarding. The doctor told me that there wasn’t much cartilage left in my knee, so to avoid a total Bone on Bone situation, I would have to take it easier. So I picked up a camera.

I have been podcasting for 7 years now. What a lot of fun it has been. Let me know if you have been enjoying the videos.

This episode:

While skating the Squamish contest this August, Micheal James stepped up to do another, 5 tricks in 5 tries.

He had done one back in episode 32. He asked the skaters at the White Rock bowl stop of the Bowl series, to select his tricks. It didn’t work out well.

This was his chance at Redemption. Round 2 Watch the video to see how he does.


Micheal James aka Giver 5 tricks

We went out to White Rock to film the Bowl Series in the summer of 2010. We found a volunteer to do 5 tricks in 5 tries.

Michael James aka Giver has been skating the Bowl series for the last few years moving up from intermediate to advanced. In this 5 tricks, Michael tried a new twist. Ask other skaters to call your 5 tricks.

Watch the video to find out how he does.

Artist: Matt and Kim Song: Daylight



Jordin Repin 5 tricks

Jordan Repin took on the challenge of 5 tricks in 5 tries. We were at the Bonsor Skatepark in Burnaby, BC. This skate park has a great street section.

Brian from Mosaic Skateboards introduces Jordan. Then the 5 tricks are called:

  1. Switch Bluntslide
  2. 360 Ollie
  3. Switch Flip
  4. Frontside Feeble
  5. Crooked grind pop over flat barGuest star is Micky Papa throwing down a couple of quick tricks in the intro.

Artist: Kid Lithium Song: You Ain’t Got Nothin’ to Say


Afternoon at the Lonsdale Skatepark

In this episode we spend an afternoon in the Londsdale Skatepark in North Vancouver, BC.

Justin Allain accepts the challenge for 5 tricks in 5 tries. This is where a skater calls 5 tricks and has 5 attempts at each.

After Danny Alcorn joins Justin on a handrail session. Gilbert shut the park down with a giant leap.


Artist: Meanest Man Contest

Song: Some People


Hastings Skateboard Hockey

This episode takes us to Hasting skatepark for some ripping by Steve Denham, John Ramondo, and Gary Harris.

We take a break and go to Railside skatepark in Port Coquitlam for 5 tricks in 5 tries with Adam Cassidy. This time Craig Williams calls the tricks for Adam to try.

We return to Hastings Skatepark to watch the Sunday Skate Hockey.


Alberta Winter Session

This winter was cold and snowy in Alberta. Many days were -20 degrees celsius or colder. Thankfully the skaters there have three indoor skateparks to choose from.

We start in West Edmonton Mall at the West 49 skatepark. There we see Nathan Popik call 5 tricks with 5 tries at  each.

Then we head south to Red Deer and skate the Vertical Edge Skatepark



JAKS Skateboard Competition

We have a boozy good time in this episode of Rolling Bones Podcast. The Jaks skateboard competition celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year. Thats a long time for a bunch of punks to have an event ‘just happen’.

Although no planning goes into the event alot of sponsorship does – Skull SkatesRDSCirca, Ink Bomb Tattoo, Antisocial and Meridian Distribution.