5 tricks at Squamish Skatepark

PODCAST 50. Rolling Bones Podcast started in 2006. I had just had my second knee surgery and wanted to have something to keep me in Skateboarding. The doctor told me that there wasn’t much cartilage left in my knee, so to avoid a total Bone on Bone situation, I would have to take it easier. So I picked up a camera.

I have been podcasting for 7 years now. What a lot of fun it has been. Let me know if you have been enjoying the videos.

This episode:

While skating the Squamish contest this August, Micheal James stepped up to do another, 5 tricks in 5 tries.

He had done one back in episode 32. He asked the skaters at the White Rock bowl stop of the Bowl series, to select his tricks. It didn’t work out well.

This was his chance at Redemption. Round 2 Watch the video to see how he does.


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