Chuck Bailey Skatepark Youth Week 2013

Vancouver’s Youth Week Celebration kicked off on May 3, 2013 at the Chuck Bailey Skatepark in Surrey, BC. At least it kicked off for the skateboarders.

Over this weekend there were 3 different skate contests or jams. It was a busy weekend.

Watch the footage from the Chuck Bailey Skatepark Youth Week Skatepark contest.


5 Tricks with Hippie Mike

This spring Hippie Mike from Protest Skateboards took on the 5 tricks in 5 tries challenge.

We went to Tsawwassen Skatepark to warm up and throw down his 5 tricks in 5 tries. This  gem of a skatepark was the only place were it was sunny and dry.

Watch as Mike steps up to do 5 tricks in 5 tries.



Protest Skateboards Contest 2012

In late September 2012, Protest skateboards put on a backyard skateboard contest.

The first part was an obstacle contest on a Fridge. This was incredibly hard to skate. The few tricks that were landed were super hard to do. The winner was a feeble stall on the top of the fridge.

Then the Mini Ramp Jam started. The little ramp had an interesting bend in the middle. Don’t know what I mean, watch the video.


Song: Supernaut

Artist: 1000 Homo DJs