Griffin Skatepark Bowl Series Contest 2012

The Griffin Skatepark hosted a stop of the 2012 Vancouver bowl series. It was postponed twice because of rainy days in North Vancouver. This is what we have to live with when we are skating a skatepark that sits in a rain forest.

The contest went off great. There was a good turn out and Andy Anderson even showed up after taking a bus all the way from White Rock, BC. Adam Hopkins ruled the day with huge airs and tech tricks. Danny Hagge was convinced to skate after first complaining that his back was hurting from hauling timber for his company Vancouver Urban Timberworks.

There is no music in this episode so the viewer can get a feel for the event. The sounds of the skatepark and Cuz on the mike. Cuz did a great job of announcing this year’s contest.



Summer Sessions 2012

During the summer, Rolling Bones picked up a little GoPro camera. Over the summer we caught some clips from The China Creek Skatepark.

Enjoy this summer of 2012 clip show. Some good skateboarding and some not so good skateboarding.


Artist: Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!

Song: Heavy Metal